Create Accountability – Make Your Goals official!

…and automatically become more active at the same time.

I confess… I am less active in winter. There is no way around it. I love the beautiful snow landscape – the atmosphere and silence it brings with it… Being the first runner in the newly fallen snow is a magical experience as well…. BUT after that it gets hard… when it is wet, icy… rainy,… slippery… grey, dark and cold I long for my summer runs…
After having a such start to 2015, and with no bettering in sight, I saw how my determined plan of running 3x a week was melting away despite the frosty temperatures…
So, I faced my guilt & bad excuses and thought, “Lene – you are into personal growth & development, you know what you have to do…”
I set my goal: Half marathon and signed up for the ING Half Marathon on the 30th of May 2015. Just to make sure to walk my talk, I told my two dear accountability partners in my Master Mind Group about my goal.
It worked – I got out again despite the weather! … Now it is even more official – you guys know it as well!

Join me in setting goals! Join me training for the Half Marathon in May – or go at you own pace and do the Team Run?
It is such an atmosphere and experience! Get in touch and let us have some fun while holding us all accountable for our goal: THE Half Marathon of the year! ☺