For the body


Healthy, balanced and colourful – from fresh & raw ingredients without additives, supplements or artificial colourings. Inspiring new ideas & menus, catchy for the eye, tasty, nourishing & healthy


We believe in exercising regularly as part of a happy body & mind. We encourage our customers to exercise and support them in finding the right activity & club for them

For the mind

Nutritional insight

We do not all have to be experts in nutrition, however it is important to have an insight in which kind of nutrition works for each individual – for personal use. LeneLife offers 1to1 consultancy, group courses & seminars on nutrition and how the right nutrition can be a lifesaver for both body & mind.

Personal & professional development

Grow yourself; grow your life and business! We need to take responsibility and grow continuously to feel happy and live fulfilled lives! This is why LeneLife offers personal and professional development to find your purpose, stay committed and feeling accountable for your own life! We create change, go through change and live the change together!

Healthy and tasty goodness for every occasion

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