How to Turn Rejection into a Catalyzer

Rejection hurts. Whether in business or private, it can be truly painful, yet something we all experience throughout life. However, it doesn’t have to hold you back! While sometimes we anticipate a rejection coming, it can also hit very unexpectedly leaving us very uncertain. This is the worst form of rejection as we were in no way prepared and at […]

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Why healthy and happy individuals perform better

This morning I had a Skype call with my independent study student at Miami University to prepare her final presentation next week on “Why healthy and happy individuals perform better and the impact it has in organizations”. Our discussion made me think of a way to sum up the importance of organizational health and happiness – not only for the […]

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Reaching out: How to ask for help (without feeling bad about it)

Have you ever innerly wanted to ask for help, just couldn’t get the question over your lips, because you were afraid of being rejected, owing someone something or just being seen as “incapable” or “weak” because of it? Maybe even a “burden”?… I have even though I know it is silly… Fact is – most people from time to time […]

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