Why Water Works Wonders for your Health

“If you don’t drink water you will die…” While that sounds dramatic, it is very true. Our body is made of approximately 60% water. That means that all of our organs need water to perform their functions. We lose a lot of water through out the course of the day and it is essential for us to make an effort to replenish that supply. Drinking water (still water) helps our bodies and improves our health in numerous ways…

  1. Lifts your mood
    1. The more water we drink the better our brains function. We will be able to think clearer and perform better. Drinking enough water and having a clearer mind can also contribute to increased levels of happiness.
  2. Weight management
    1. Increased water consumption also increases your metabolism. A higher metabolism is linked to weight loss. Also, sometimes thirst presents itself as hunger, so sometimes when we feel hungry it is actually just our body craving water. If we are not careful, this can lead to unnecessary consumption of food. Drinking water before and during a meal helps us feel full faster. Water can serve as an appetite suppressant because it prevents us from overeating.
  3. Improve your skin
    1. Drinking enough water helps your skin build new healthy cells, to replace the old ones. This in turn leads to new, healthy, glowing and smooth skin.
  4. Flush out waste and bacteria
    1. The more we drink water, the easier it is for our bodies to flush out the nasties. Waste is flushed out in the form of urine and sweat and consuming a lot of water can help to reduce stress on the liver and kidneys. Also, water aids in breaking down fats and soluble fibers, which improves digestions as well as metabolism.
  5. Prevents headaches
    1. Drinking a lot of water does a multitude of good things for your head. While we already discussed improved brain function, water also helps to prevent headaches. Dehydration is a common cause of headaches and can even be a migraine trigger. The more water we drink the more our brain benefits in how it functions and how it feels.
  6. Fuels our workouts
    1. Sweating leads to a loss of water so it is crucial to stay hydrated throughout a workout and to make sure that you rehydrate afterwards as well. Water helps maintain a fluid balance in our bodies and when that fluid balance is disrupted by an extreme loss of fluid, it is essential that we replenish it. Being hydrated during a workout also helps to prevent fatigue and keep muscles energized and performing well.

As you can see, there are so many health benefits of drinking water. There are a few small changes that you can make in your day-to-day life in order to increase your water intake…

It is always a good idea to kickstart your day by drinking a glass of water as soon as you get out of bed. Throughout the course of the day you could carry around a reusable water bottle and make sure that you are constantly drinking from that. You can also get water from certain foods like fruits and vegetables. Eating more of these foods can help you stay more hydrated. While working at your desk you can set an alarm every hour as a reminder to drink water. By drinking water before or with every meal is another way to ensure that you are staying as hydrated as possible. And finally, for those of you with difficulties drinking still water, try adding in some fruits like raspberries, lemons or even cucumbers to give it a little natural flavoring!