Create, Cook and Collaborate – How to strengthen team dynamics through healthy inspiration and action!


Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed in your work or home life? Do you see that your health is slipping because of this pressure and lack of time? We are aware of the challenges in keeping a healthy and happy lifestyle. One of these main challenges is how busy our day-to-day lives can get and it becomes very easy for us to get overwhelmed. Work can get intense and we often lose sight of our health and ourselves. Health is essential to the productivity of an individual and in turn, the productivity of an office. Better employee health leads to fewer sick days and better equips the employees to handle the workload and challenges of everyday life in work and in private.


Cooking can be a great stress release and help contribute to a happy body and mind. Cooking classes are an excellent way for employees to get out of the office and build their team in a fun and educational way. The class often
begins with an informative seminar in which the group learns about healthy living and lifestyle. This allows them to see what things they are doing well, as well as the things that they can be doing to lead a healthier lifestyle. It often happens that leading a healthy lifestyle is easier than they thought and this discovery motivates them to make a change in the office and in their personal lives.


Group dynamics also plays a big role in our cooking seminars. With a larger group, especially a corporate group, they can all hold each other accountable to be healthier in their day-to-day lives. After they learn these healthier practices, they get the chance to put them into action by cooking.


The participants get a variety of healthy recipes and set out on preparing different aspects of a healthy and delicious meal for their colleagues. The collaboration helps team building and gets them to bond over
something other than the day-to-day office-talk. Once they are done, they all get to enjoy the food that everyone worked to produce. This leads to a sense of pride, accomplishment and appreciation among the participants as their coworkers try the deliciously
healthy food that they prepared.


Learning that healthy practices can be easy helps them in their day-to-day life down the road. This can help turn the office into a healthier environment and make healthy eating more of a lifestyle at work and in turn, at home.


For our most recent workshop for a European Institution, we worked with BSH électroménagers S.A., Luxembourg and more specifically, their brand NEFF. NEFF was the perfect choice for our seminars because they are all about freedom of expression, creativity and social gathering in the kitchen. NEFF’s products help to make your time in the kitchen something enjoyable and cultivate an enthusiasm for cooking. Cooking in and of itself is all about expression and creativity.


At Lenelife we believe that healthy living should be fun and not a chore. NEFF’s products made it easy for us to share our healthy lifestyle with our clients and easier for them to embrace it. The preparation was simple and the cooking was fun.


“We create change, go through change and live the change together!” Education and cooking seminars help to create change, those around you give you people to experience the change with and then we all live the change together. Healthy living is not always easy, but with the right resources and the motivation, you can do it, and we at Lenelife, are here to support you and help you in anyway necessary.


Here were some of our tasty creations and the wonderful appliances we used to create them!